Self-Deception is a series of three photorealistic digital paintings completed for my HSC Visual Art course in 2012. The Series took over several months to complete and was deemed as exemplary out of 9,500 other student works, chosen as one of the 42 works to be shown at the highly prestigious ARTEXPRESS Exhibit at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, Australia.

Self-deception was on exhibition at ARTEXPRESS  from Feburary untill April 14th, 2013. You can view the official ARTEXPRESS webpage for my work, along with my HSC process diary, here: [link]

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Artist's Statement

These images are not photographs. They are digital paintings, created stroke-by-stroke from scratch. My artwork concerns the self-deceptive power of human intelligence, and what we accept as genuine at first glance. The illustrations serve as a primary example of this self-deception, they're convincing enough that at first glance they’re assumed to be photographs. The animals in these paintings aren’t real- but reality is a concept created exclusively by humans, as is intelligence. Our occupation with knowledge distracts from the truth that these concepts are all human creations that exist only within our minds.